Skip to content connects a Windows computer and an Android phone. This Microsoft feature can only use on Windows or Android devices. Using the capability, you can connect your smartphone to your PC and use its features on your computer.

What is

The Windows Creators Update’s function allows you to connect your phone to your computer. This suggests that you can access the notifications, SMS, and app alerts from your phone on a computer. You may even use the keyboard or mouse on your phone as a laptop. You only need the code to get started.

Conditions for Installing the Microsoft Your Phone Companion App

To link your PC to your smartphone, your PC must meet a few prerequisites. The following prerequisite must be met in order to download the Phone Companion App:

  • You use Windows 10 or another operating system.
  • It only works with Android phones running version 4.4 or higher.
  • a fast internet connection that connects through
  • Microsoft Your Phone Companion App is now available for download and installation.

How to use to access your Microsoft Phone Companion App

Users of the iPhone and Windows 10 can download the Microsoft Phone Companion App. It enables Windows users to import their iPhone or Android device’s photo library. Both the Google Play shop and the Microsoft Store both sell it. Additionally, you can link your phone by going to

  • Go to your PC’s settings menu.
  • Access your Microsoft account.
  • Enter and submit your account password.
  • Select the Windows Hello Pin Button at this point.
  • You’ll now take to a different page where you must choose the forgotten pin.
  • Submit your cellphone number and validate the OTP you just received.
  • Enter your password right now, then hit next.
  • Now, the application creates a pin that can be used to link the devices.

After connecting an Android phone and a Windows computer, what can you do?

  • Once your Android phone connects to your Windows computer, you can do a variety of things depending on how many features it has.
  • If your phone is full support, you can sync documents, images, videos, contacts, messages, calls, notifications, and even some apps.
  • You’ll also be able to mirror your phone’s screen, which is a very useful feature.